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Japanese Restaurant Komachi challenges you to eat an enormous bowl full of Ramen.
If you finish the bowl full of Ramen and soup, by yourself within a 60 min time limit
you will receive a $100 meal voucher and the soup & ramen you complete free.
You must finish the ramen and the soup. If you are not successful you will have to pay $100!

Challenge Ramen not available on Friday nights.
Booking essential for Challenge Ramen before 1 day.
Up to 2 people for challenge ramen per day.

Current number of challenger 595  Winner 22

simon The 1st Winner

Mr Simon Wise

7thMay 2002

wyndham The 2nd Winner

Mr Wyndham Hui

4thJul 2002

uwe The 3rd Winner

Mr Uwe Schaeueich

16thNov 2002

lee The 4th Winner

Mr Lee Martin

22ndDec 2003

zhao The 5th Winner

Mr Zhao Yanti

4thJan 2004

tatsuo The 6th Winner

Mr Tatsuo Sekiguchi

22ndFeb 2004

ken The 7th Winner

Mr Ken Cheng

17thApr 2004

david The 8th Winner

Mr David Phung

2ndMay 2004

doug The 9th Winner

Mr Doug Huey

28thMay 2004

freddy The 10th Winner

Mr Freddy Cheung

11thAug 2004

allan The 11th Winner

Mr Allan Muir

5thSep 2004

ye The 12th Winner

Mr Ye Lin

29thJan 2005

thomas The 13th Winner

Mr Thomas Au

2ndSep 2006

paul The 14th Winner

Mr Paul Toia

1stApr 2007

james The 15th Winner

Mr James Hasloch

6thApr 2008

james2009 The 16th Winner

Mr James Bossi

18thMar 2009

chris The 17th Winner

Mr Chris Price

21stMay 2009

rhys The 18th Winner

Mr Rhys Hocking

22ndJul 2010

norikatsu The 19th Winner

Mr Norikatsu Morishita

28thJul 2010

nelson The 20th Winner

Mr Nelson Eats

10thOct 2010

samir The 21st Winner

Mr Samir Shrestha

21stOct 2010

David Fitter The 22nd Winner

Mr David Filler

11thFeb 2011