“It’s new year’s resolution time,folks.Tonight’s the night.I’ve got a few personal records to topple after some less than successful attempts in recent years. Daily sit-ups(three weeks),not watching sport on television(Doomben rececourse,how pretty you are on the small screen with those prancing ponies) and chocolate(eight hours).Food intake always seems to be close to the top of most people’s resolutions lists.In all likelihood,half the country’s restaurants would close if Australians weren’t so bad at keeping their pacts with Lean Cuisine.This year,Shot black has an alternative:sign up with the International Federation of Competitive Eating(IFOCE) and give yourself a pat on the back for the hard work and training many of you have put in over the past week with turkey and ham consumption. Not sure if the American-based IFOCE has a local chapter yet,but its record of 50 hot dogs in 12 minutes is there for the taking.You could warm up with the $50 ramen noodle challenge at Komachi japanese restaurant in Surry Hills.Eat a disturbingly large bowl of noodles and not only don’t you have to pay the $50 competition fee,you win a $50 gift voucher to boot. Owner Tsuneichi Sando says eight months the competition has been running there have been only three success stories and as yet only one woman has even got close.Give it a whirl. It migth even send you back to Lean Cuisine.”